Best Online Betting Sites: HPCasino

Sports betting is undoubtedly perhaps the most popular pastime of all forms of online gambling. While sports such as football, horse racing, boxing, tennis, and golf are not a draw for every online bettor, the majority of sports bettors also enjoy watching these sports. As compared to playing online casino games, sports betting is streets ahead, in terms of popularity. And the reason for this is simple; skill and experience occupy the centre stage in determining the outcome of sporting events, while most casino games are based on luck.

Is Online Betting Safe?

The above question is as old as the online betting itself, but the answer has always been the same. For those who need a quick response, it is yes. Sure, placing bets means risking money, but bets can either be won or lost. Now, losing a bet is normal when it comes to betting; it has nothing to do with safety. Looking at the sheer number of betting sites, however, it would be unwise to assume that all these sites are honest. Bettors can beef up their safety online by simply choosing a good betting site. The next section talks about this in detail.

How to Find a Good Betting Site

The online betting experience is as good as the sportsbook where one is playing. And while the internet is home to many reputable sports betting brands, making a random choice is not a good idea at all. This is because sportsbooks are not the same, despite most of them being trustworthy. Whether experienced or not, bettors would naturally want to choose the crème de la crème, just to ensure the site has everything they need. To do this, players must try to answer specific fundamental questions when choosing where to bet.

  • Does the provider take bets on most of the popular sports events, such as football, horse racing, golf, boxing, and rugby?
  • Does the site offer competitive odds?
  • Is the sportsbook licensed by a reputable organisation?
  • What banking methods and currencies are supported?
  • Is the site compatible with mobile devices?
  • Is there live betting?
  • What bonuses are available for players?

If any site can answer most, if not all, of the above questions satisfactorily, then it might be a suitable choice. However, it should be remembered that a suitable betting site can be a matter of personal opinion. To this extent, the above guideline is only but a skeleton to help bettors, especially beginners, to make a suitable choice. 

Furthermore it is important to read reviews online and check what others are saying about the betting site you are interested in. For example, 10Cric is a brand that has generated a lot of positive reviews while many other brands like Bet365 are given a very bad score by their users. 

How Do Betting Odds Work?

Odds and sports betting are like a couple; they walk hand in hand, with the former being a vital component. The odds are an indicator of how a sporting event is likely to end, and they also tell players how much they can win in relation to the amount of money staked. That aside, while the lowest odds have higher chances of winning an event, the vice versa is something which is in the know of most bettors. For instance, if Real Madrid FC were to be pitted against Leganes FC in a UEFA Champions League final (2020), Real would stand a better chance to win the match than their opponents. This would logically be so because Real is a better side; thus, the team would be assigned very low odds, while Leganes would have very high odds of winning the match. Betting odds can be expressed in various different formats, including fractions and decimals.

How Does Each-Way Betting Work?

Each-way betting is mostly associated with horse racing, and it involves two bets, which are a place and a win. In each-way betting, a player places two equal stakes. One of these bets is placed on a horse to finish the race in a particular position (e.g. top four or top five), while the other is placed on the same horse to emerge number one in the race. To make an each-way bet, the bettor must know the each-way fraction, the number of places, and the original odds. With each-way betting, bettors stand a chance to win something even if the horse that they have chosen does not win the race, but loses narrowly.

How to Work Out Betting Odds Each-Way

To calculate the winnings for the place bet, the fraction (1/5, 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2; whichever is used) is applied to the initial odds. If the chosen horse emerges the winner, the bettor will gain some profit from both bets. While the player will lose the win bet if the selected horse does not emerge first, he will get a return from the place bet, if the chosen horse finishes in any of the specified positions.

What Does Handicap Mean in Betting?

The idea of handicap is informed by the fact that teams have different abilities; thus, it is used to cushion sportsbooks from potential losses, while encouraging players to bet, at the same time. In football, for instance, sportsbooks use numbers, such as goals, to counter the difference in the abilities of two competing sides and come up with fair odds. So that if a team such as Liverpool FC were playing against a Championship side such as Hull City, the former (which is the odds-on favourite to win the match) would be given a handicap advantage of, say, 3-0. In that case, if a player bets on Liverpool to win by that margin and they win the match 2-0, the player loses the stake as the winning margin would have fallen short of the applied handicap.

Only Gamble What You Can Afford to Lose

Betting is a popular form of entertainment, thanks to the fact that players can gain vast rewards from small stakes. But the truth of the matter is that no single bettor has ever won every bet. This means that betting and gambling as a whole involves losses. That is why players should stake what they can afford to lose. This is the golden rule, which ensures that bettors don’t go home in a financial quagmire.